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Unspoilt and original, Charlestown’s 18th century Harbour provides

 the perfect location for marine related filming

Charlestown harbour was developed from 1790 and named after local landowner Charles Rashleigh.


The Outer Harbour

The outer harbour has beautiful granite quays and a protective outer mole which can be used for filming scenes including ships entering or exiting the harbour. Ships can proceed, from the inner harbour (via the lock gates) to the outer harbour and from there to open waters for filming sea horizons, establishing shots, sailing shots etc.

The Beaches at Charlestown

The beaches can be used for filming, including the landing and departing of long boats. On the east side, an original granite tunnel leads via stone steps on to the beach.

Public access can be prevented or restricted during filming in the inner and outer harbour and the beaches at Charlestown.


Filming a crowd scene on the quay for BBC Films 

Filming alongside in the inner harbour 


Filming 'Mansfield Park'


Small set build on quay

The Marine Film Tank Inner Harbour

151 metres long and approximately 33 metres wide, with controlled, constant water levels, the inner harbour is a marine tank and provides an exceptional location for filming alongside departure, arrival, loading and unloading scenes, 24 hours a day. As the water level remains constant it is possible to shoot complex water-borne sequences at any time of the day or night. It is a perfect marine tank for filming storm sequences as all aspects can be controlled whatever the weather.

The original granite quays and high stone walls on both sides of the inner harbour can be dressed to represent any period in history and the quays are wide enough to build extensive sets.

Our marine film tank is unique in that a ship can depart directly from this location to the sea. No other film tank has this facility.





Filming on the outer quays


The outer harbour at Charlestown



The beaches at Charlestown can be closed to the Public during filming 





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