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Square Sail has been involved in the film industry for over 30 years, providing ships, a period harbour location, maritime facilities and services.  With our expertise and experience we can offer the total package of marine film services for any and all requirements.

Our tall ship Phoenix is able to sail worldwide to any location.  The period, square-rigged vessel replicates an 18th Century Brig of War but can also be converted to represent different types of ships – anything from a Whaler to a Spanish Galleon.  We can also provide, source or build virtually any other vessel required for a production – from period long boats to Greek war ships and everything in between!

Square Sail’s Harbour at Charlestown is not only a perfect location for filming port scenes (arrivals, departures, loading etc) but the inner harbour is a marine film tank with controlled water levels allowing for filming 24/7.

Additionally, our Company can supply green screen backgrounds; marine co-ordination; safety boat services; camera boats; safety divers; props; riggers; set and studio builds.

Phoenix is also available to attend Festivals and for corporate charter.

Whatever your nautical or maritime requirements Square Sail Ventures can assist.

Marine Support Green screen Ship conversion

New website

Square Sail Ventures Limited is proud to present our new look, refreshed website.  With the Company having been under new ownership since 2015, we felt the time was right to bring our website up to date.  Our aim is to not only showcase our existing skills, expertise, services and facilities, which have made Square Sail a leading marine provider in the film and television industry, but also to raise awareness of the exciting innovations taking place within our Company.

We now provide an extensive green screen service at our harbour and are expanding the uses and range of our marine film tank facility at Charlestown.  The beautiful tall ship Phoenix remains our 'jewel in the crown' and our future plans see her becoming busier than ever.

In addition to everything we at Square Sail can provide, the affiliation we now enjoy with our new owner Shane McCarthy's other company, Atlantic Production Limited, means that we can provide staging and sets for events throughout the world.  

The future is looking very bright for Square Sail!




‘Tall Ship Phoenix at Guernsey’. Footage by kind permission of Crowd Media Limited (