Lay-Up Vessels - In Water - Terms & Conditions

  1. That the Owner or other person in charge of the vessel shall at all times comply with the orders of the Harbour Master as to the berthing, occupation or removal of the vessel.
  2. Owners will be required to sign an Agreement for Berthing
  3. The berthing shall be entirely at the vessel’s own risk and the owners shall indemnify Square Sail Ventures Limited against any damage whatsoever whether to the vessel or ancillary equipment or to other persons or property in respect of or arising out of the taking up or occupation or leaving the berth.
  4. The Agreement for Berthing granted is subject to the convenience at all times of Square Sail Ventures Limited and maybe withdrawn at any time. If the vessel shall be required to be moved to another berth or to vacate a berth, any such movement or removal shall be at the expense of the owner (other than under the circumstances at Clause 10 below)
  5. At all times while the vessel is in occupation of the berth:-
    • No oil of any description shall be discharged into the Harbour.
    • No refuse shall be discharged into the Harbour, and the Master or other person in charge of the vessel shall make arrangements for the disposal of refuse from the vessel.
    • Vessel’s toilets are not to be used when the vessel is berthed in the harbour
    • There is to be no burning of refuse on decks of laid-up vessels.
    • The owners shall accept responsibility for the conduct of their crew and/or their visitors on board the vessel and any visiting children shall be under the constant supervision of a responsible adult
    • Adequate firefighting equipment as may be specified by the Harbour Master shall be available on board the vessel at all times, and such precautionary measures as the Harbour Master may require shall be taken.
    • No activities shall be carried out upon the vessel other than those activities usual for or incidental to the maintenance and protection of a laid-up vessel. Such work that may be considered acceptable would be small scale chipping, painting, scraping, normal maintenance routines for equipment and systems on board but would exclude all other work such as major repairs. In all cases, when in doubt, the vessel’s crew must check beforehand with the Harbour Master.
    • No pets permitted in the inner harbour at Charlestown unless by prior agreement with Square Sail Ventures Limited.
    • No cars allowed into the inner harbour unless by prior arrangement with Square Sail
    • Not to do or permit to be done on the vessel or the inner harbour anything which may be or grow to the annoyance or disturbance of the other users of the harbour or surrounding properties/businesses.
  6. Sub-contractors are not permitted to work on vessels in Charlestown Harbour. Square Sail Ventures Limited can quote to carry out repair work on vessels if requested.
  7. If Square Sail Ventures Limited’s skilled personnel are engaged to work on the vessel, during the time of these works, berthing fees will not be charged.
  8. Any vessel left unattended must have sea cocks closed and must be secured and locked down.
  9. Owners must fully insure their vessels throughout the period at Charlestown both to protect their own vessels against fire, theft, or damage and also for adequate third party liability
  10. On occasions, if a Film Company wishes to use the harbour for filming purposes owners may be requested to remove their vessels for a period of time. Square Sail Ventures Limited will give as much prior notice as possible to vessel owners. Under these circumstances, no lock gate opening charges would be made and there would be a reduction in berthing charges for that period.
  11. Charges for berthing/layup includes one lock gate opening – vessel in and one lock gate opening – vessel out. All other lock gate openings are charged (see our Rates page for details) with the exception of Clause 10 above.
  12. All lock gate openings are restricted to suitable tides/weather conditions and are strictly by prior arrangement with Square Sail Ventures Limited.
  13. If, during the period of berthing at Charlestown, the vessel is offered for sale, Square Sail Ventures Limited will assist the owner by arranging viewing of the vessel for potential buyers and furnishing details of the vessel to interested parties on the Owner’s instruction. In the event of a successful sale, a commission of 1.5% of the total sale price will be payable to Square Sail Ventures Ltd.
  14. Vessel owner to supply electricity meter. Electricity usage charged at Utility Company’s rate plus 15%
  15. Termination of the Berthing Agreement: The agreement may be ended by either party subject to one month’s notice in writing.
  16. All monies owing to Square Sail Ventures Limited must be paid in full at the termination of the agreement prior to the vessel departing from Charlestown.

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