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Charlestown Harbour as a period location hire

Situated on the outskirts of St. Austell on the south coast of Cornwall is Charlestown Harbour. An unspoilt, purpose built harbour from the Georgian period. Used as a film location for recents credits as Tom Hardy's Taboo and Poldark, Charlestown harbour represents the perfect opportunity for period authenticity within your production. 


History of the harbour

Built in 1792 by Charles Rashleigh, the harbour was developed to service a thriving fishing and China Clay trade. Much of the original structure of that harbour still exists today which is why it is a preferred location for period films.

Charlestown harbour continued as a working port experiencing changes in trade and technologies until into the 1980's when it was put up for private auction. Please visit our partner business The Historic Port of Charlestown Co. for more info on the rich heritage of Charlestown's harbour.

In 2015 the harbour and beaches passed into the ownership of Square Sail Ventures (formally Atlantic Productions) who are renewing connections within the film and TV industry to breathe new life into Charlestown's Harbour.

Inner Harbour

Outer harbour



The outer harbour is tidal and protected on the west side by a granite mole. The Harbour opens directly into the sea, St. Austell Bay. Both the east and west beaches are open to the public, except during filming.  

If you are a yacht or classic boat owner and would like to discuss bringing your vessel to Charlestown either on a temporary or permanent/winter berth basis please see our Lay-up section for further information.