Filming Location

The Inner Harbour

A perfect marine film tank with controlled water levels, the inner harbour with its wide quays and high walls, is ideal for filming busy dock scenes, arrivals and departures, storm sequences, rowing boats and any other activities relating to filming on water.

The Outer Harbour

The outer harbour has beautiful granite quays and a protective outer mole which can be used for filming scenes including ships entering or exiting the harbour. Ships can proceed, from the inner harbour (via the lock gates) to the outer harbour and from there to open waters for filming sea horizons, establishing shots, sailing shots etc. 

The beaches at Charlestown

The beaches can be used for filming, including the landing and departing of long boats. On the east side, an original granite tunnel leads via stone steps on to the beach.

Public access can be prevented or restricted during filming in the inner and outer harbour and the beaches at Charlestown.