A scenic dockside trading post location for hire

Date: 30 Oct 2017


As part of our investment in Charlestown Port's visitor experience, we at Square Sail have created a perfect backdrop within our historic harbour setting ready for use as photo shoot or theatrical backdrop. The scenic dockside trading post offers Height of 2.?m and overall floor space of ? ft , the muted colours are 

Inspired by the history of Charlestown village , the Eleven Doors trading post offers an authentic backdrop ready installed for simple cut away shots or a stills photo shoot. It is part of our visitor experience styled as a dockside trading post using our scenic and construction skills that are so well loved in the industry.

dockside trading post locationIf you are a small set up we have a selection of lights and recording equipment that may fulfill your needs. Get in touch and ask us about what you need! info@square-sail.com

we also have a selection of props to dress with. 

Do you need a vessel? look no further.

or a cabin interior?

 dockside film location

 Photos courtesy of Figolux studios