VFX and Location

Date: 22 Jul 2017

VFX and Location

Last year saw Tom Hardy/Scott Free productions shooting scenes for Taboo with us in Charlestown Harbour. Production designer Sonja Klaus was on hand with design expertise. Being one of the first members of the team to be in discussion with Ridley Scott, Charlestown Harbour was on her list of filming locations. We were really proud to have them here. 

VFX an Location skills work together

The technology in the film industry operates with high skills level and achievements. See how the VFX team at BlueBolt used the footage shot with us in Charlestown to build up the composite scenes.

below are the before and after stills , courtesy of BlueBolt. Thanks Guys!

Charlestown Harbour filming Taboo Charlestown Harbour filming

footage of Phoenix tall ship

Pheonix footage