The Crew

Whenever we do charter, our natural chemistry as a crew spills over to the guests which really does create sorne great memories, and ultimately makes the entire experience for the guests and crew alike something quite special. We have a highly skilled, charismatic crew.

The minimum manning for the ship is 4+ a deck/chef, their accommodation is outlined on the interior plan

All crew have a minimum of a STCW and ENG 1, though many have additional qualifications such as power boat, Yachtmaster theory etc. At the start of the season the entire crew visit the local lifeboat station for a safety talk covering the practicalities of casualty recovery at sea and how they could assist in case of an emergency.

As of 2023 we will also be doing a casualty recovery drill with the ILB for mutual training benefit. This is in addition to monthly fire, flooding, and man overboard drills.



We have an excellent chef onboard. She comes qualified with a lot of experience in hospitality as well as her ENG 1 STCW and Food Hygiene level three. She has absolutely no issue cooking for a fully booked ship and will often unprompted assist on deck and with mooring.

On charter she does a cooked breakfast every morning, sandwiches and snacks for lunch and a hearty mariners dinner which is often packed with flavour. She bakes regularly too, cookies, brownies and cakes are a common surprise when you venture below deck.