Introducing our crew

Our Cornish Sailors

Over the last 30 years the majority of our crew have been from Cornwall. The same is true today with our current Captain and First Officer haling from the well known Cornish port of Falmouth.

When it comes to the art of sailing, there is a prevailing belief among maritime enthusiasts that the Cornish embody the very essence of exceptional seamanship. With a deep-rooted heritage and a profound connection to the sea, the Cornish have undeniably earned their reputation as some of the finest sailors in the world.

The rugged coastline of Cornwall, with its jagged cliffs and challenging waters, has forged a unique resilience and adaptability among its people. Cornish sailors possess an unwavering determination and an ability to navigate even the most challenging conditions with skill and grace. Their intimate familiarity with the local waters gives them an unparalleled advantage, allowing them to navigate safely and confidently through any maritime endeavor.

But it is not just their technical prowess that sets Cornish sailors apart. It is their deep-rooted connection to the sea, their respect for its power, and their unwavering love for the maritime way of life. This passion is embedded in their very being, driving them to continuously push the boundaries and explore new horizons.

Cornish sailors understand that sailing is not just a skill; it is a way of life. It is a profound connection to the elements, an unwavering commitment to teamwork, and an unyielding spirit of adventure. Their ability to adapt to any situation, their unparalleled knowledge of the sea, and their unwavering passion make them the epitome of exceptional sailors.

So, whether you are seeking a crew that can navigate the most challenging waters, handle every aspect of a sailing adventure with precision, or simply embody the true spirit of seamanship, look no further than the Cornish sailors. With their rich heritage, remarkable expertise, and a love for the sea that flows through their veins, they stand as a testament to the fact that Cornish people truly make the best sailors

Our international crew

In the world of sailing, the importance of an international crew cannot be overstated. As sailing is an inherently global and diverse activity, having sailors from various countries, we have had crew from the United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Ireland, Russia, Sicily, and beyond, is crucial to complement the nature of this international endeavor. The presence of a multinational crew not only enriches the ship's performance but also fosters a sense of camaraderie that transcends cultural boundaries.

The ever-changing and constantly moving nature of the sailing industry demands adaptability and a willingness to learn and improve. Incorporating sailors from different backgrounds brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and perspectives to the table. Each crew member brings their unique experiences, traditions, and techniques, creating an environment where learning and growth become second nature.

Incorporating sailors from around the world not only improves the ship's performance but also enriches the overall experience for both the crew and the guests. The blend of different cultures, languages, and traditions creates an atmosphere of inspiration and excitment, making sailing an even more rewarding adventure.

Experience the power of a disipline which hasn't changed in hundreds of years firsthand. Embrace the spirit of camaraderie and cultural exchange as we navigate the ever-changing seas of the sailing industry.

Our standards and expectations

The ship operates with a minimum of five professional crew. Before boarding all crew must have in date certifications governed by the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) and IMO (International Maritime Organization). Ensuring all crew have a pre-established international standard of safety and seamanship. However most crew memebers are well decorated with other qualifications which allow them to conduct more speicalist tasks such as tender operation, engineering or leading a watch. If your thinking of appling for a paid position you must meet the minimum requirement for a deckhand: valid STCW and ENG1 medical certificate.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards attainable, guided by a written set of core values and expectations that shape our crew's conduct and performance. These principles, akin to those embraced by the old Royal Navy, form the bedrock of our operations, ensuring that every aspect of our service reflects the utmost professionalism, dedication, and integrity.

Safety is paramount in our operations. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our crew and guests. We maintain rigorous safety protocols, conduct regular drills, and adhere to industry best practices to ensure a secure and comfortable environment for everyone on board.

Discipline is a fundamental aspect of our crew's conduct. We instill a culture of self-discipline, personal responsibility, and adherence to established procedures. By maintaining discipline, we ensure that our operations run smoothly, efficiently, and with the utmost professionalism.