Operational limits for Phoenix


Upwind sailing

Phoenix is strictly a broad reach/downwind vessel under sail; it is not possible to get any more than a broad reach upwind. The ship is largely unable to tack. Under engine, between F 4-5 on the bow takes our speed down to 0.5kn through the water, and burns through a large amount of fuel.

lt is possible to close reach motor sail up to F5 however if wave height exceeds 2.0 meters we have to turn around (unless we are running for cover).

As she is an old boat now, it is common to wait an extra day for more favourable and enjoyable conditions.


Downwind sailing

She's strong going downwind, and we can easily get 9kn with a single topsail in F6-7 and the ship is very happy in F8-9 with a good helmsman, though this is very much avoided.