Tallship Phoenix

Tallship Phoenix is a completely wooden 1929 Brig, the last of her kind in the British Isles. She is available for work in the Film Industry, Maritime Festivals and Charter Voyages… 

The vessel has a proven track record in the film industry and has enjoyed this reputation spanning over a remarkable 30 years, captivating audiences worldwide with her with her majestic presence on the silver screens. There are no signs of this stopping anytime soon, with enquiries running into 2024 and most recently featuring in Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, released in November 2023.

Beyond her illustrious on-screen appearances, Phoenix has become an emblem of maritime festivals, headlining Southampton Boat Show, Liverpool and Plymouth Pirate Festivals, inspiring the public at Foyle Festival, The Irish Maritime Festival and Rathlin Sound Maritme Festival, leading the parade of sail at Falmouth Classics and attended the well known Paimpol Festival in 2023. As well as being a part of Brest and Douarnenez Maritime Festivals for over 20 years.

As of 2023 Phoenix has been welcoming guests onboard for exciting week-long sailing adventures in the British Isles, giving individuals the rare and unique opportunity to step onboard and make unforgettable seafaring memories previously unavailable to the public.


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